2021 | 10m51s

Cast Isabelle Arcand, Sophie Breton, Claudine Hébert, Chi Long, Milan Panet-Gigon, Peter Trosztmer
Production David Francke-Robitaille
Script Virginie Brunelle
Cinematography Alexandre Nour Desjardins
Editing Louis Chevalier-Dagenais
Sound Nataq Huault
Music Philippe Brault
Costume designer Elen Ewing

Reminiscences, a short dance film, brings to the screen three duets that are both sensual and brutal. Three stories overlap to tell the memory; what remains of the nostalgic sensations of their union. The choreographies sublimate the cracks that the human experience generates and that settle in us like so many emotional remains.

” ‘I’ve seen very few alliances with the digital arts that grab me by the guts. Sometimes, in cinema, a few astonishing productions manage to produce a very strong effect.’ Virginie Brunelle, with an experimental film like Reminiscences, has produced ‘a jewel’ says Lucie Boissinot.”

Jean-François Nadeau, excerpt from an interview with Lucie Boissinot, Le Devoir

“In our opinion, this is the most poetic short film of the selection. (…) A delicate, skin-deep sensitivity emanates from the film and from the dancers’ performance, which the camera touches. They give us an epidermal vibration, which we ask for again.”

Caroline Chatelard, Le Devoir 

“The shots are sublime, showing all the beauty of a relationship and all the pain it contains. The setting is breathtaking, and once again the director succeeds in making the most of the union of film and dance.”

François Grondin, La Petite Septième