2013 et 2017 | 60 minutes

Choreographer Virginie Brunelle
Dancers Isabelle Arcand, Luc Bouchard-Boissonneault, Karina Champoux, Claudine Hébert, Keir Knight, James Phillips, Peter Trosztmer
Light Alexandre Pilon-Guay
Costumes designer Elen Ewing
Sound mixer Robert Éthier
Dramaturge Stéphanie Jasmin
Rehearsal director Sophie Breton
Coproducer Agora de la danse

In an abstract land oscillating between dream and nightmare, PLOMB explores the vertigo of the void, the point where all references dissolve. Beyond death and mourning, they are projected into a transitory state in which others become elusive shadows, where space loses its form. Bodies sway between oppressively rigid density and fluid weightless evanescence – they might become recumbent statues or wandering souls swallowed by darkness. Death lingers, seductive and menacing, in this contemplation of indetermination and the uncertainty of still pertaining to this earthly existence.

“It’s no easy to deal with death, its darkness, heaviness and emptiness. But the Canadian Virginie Brunelle tears the stage with a scream of birth and despair, turning bodies in accelerating spinning while leaving long silent thick pauses.”

Lara Crippa,