2010 | 60 minutes

Choreographer Virginie Brunelle
Dancers Isabelle Arcand, Claudine Hébert, Simon-Xavier Lefebvre
Light Alexandre Pilon-Guay
Costumes designer Virginie Brunelle
Rehearsal director Anne Le Beau
Coproducer Théâtre La Chapelle

Foutrement explores infidelity: men and women at the mercy of temptation and primal instincts. Three dancers, a man and two women, in love, ripped apart, wounded, betrayed, move with racked bodies, sagging under the weight of Love’s disillusionment. Throughout their sexual adventures, the illusion of love persists, doubt mixes with desire, and what began as attraction ends in obsession. When reason becomes passion’s slave, love and sex are confused, and the game of seduction mixes with the game of the forbidden, ecstasy and suffering become one.

A local young choreographer to watch out for. Beyond the boldness and the frankness of rebellions youth, her work shows signs of a personal vision that compels attention. (…) As the big names in local dance – Lock, Chouinard, Laurin, Émard – celebrate anniversaries marking two decades or more in the business, new light like Brunelle’s are starting to glow.

Victor Swoboda, The Gazette

“Expertly crafted interplay between traditional and contemporary dance produces sensuous, undulating physical movements interrupted by sharp, staccato motions, leaving audiences riveted throughout and deeply moved.”

Valerie van der Gracht,