Complexe des genres

2011 | 60 minutes

Choreographer Virginie Brunelle
Dancers Isabelle Arcand, Sophie Breton, Luc Bouchard-Boissonneault, Claudine Hébert, Simon-Xavier Lefebvre, Peter Trosztmer
Light Alexandre Pilon-Guay
Costumes designer Virginie Brunelle
Rehearsal director Anne Le Beau

How can we define ourselves through the constraint of traditional gender concepts? Overwhelmed by their fears, men and women collide in a forlorn attempt to validate their own existence. Their excesses lead them on the road to ruin, guided by their desperate desire to feel something, to feel alive. A poetic reflection of the human psyche, Complexe des genres explores the search for oneself through relationships. Doubt is looming and the cold, obsessive quest for perfection is pervasive, but still, there is hope. As righteous, thinking beings, men and women can experience growth, acceptance and love. A physical and acrobatic choreography imbued with remarkable visual poetry.

“Just like in Pina Bausch’s masterpiece ”Café Müller” from 1978, these humans collide more than they meet. The bodies use other bodies to launch their search; up and away from themselves and gravity. […] The female dancers Isabelle Arcand, Sophie Breton and Claudine Hébert are exceptional and push their bodies to the absolute limit. It is such a rare sight to behold the female body throwing itself so unconditionally into the fight for emancipation, as is the case here.”

Politiken Danish newspaper – 5 stars out of 6